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Dream Sky Aviation Academy is a frontline aviation professional training institute in Kerala which has a legacy of over 15 years. Approved by IATA, Canada, the Institute was launched in Adoor, Kerala in the year 2006. Since its inception, Dream Sky has trained and placed professionals within the country and abroad with many major players of the industry. The institution is committed towards imparting quality education with exposure to innovations, corporate training and placement programs.

With our one-of-a-kind educational modules, and teaching methods, we are proud to be helping hundreds of students enter the world of hospitality, travel administration and customer care. Our students enjoy the benefits of specialized class sizes, personalized attention, and dedicated faculty members who bring real-world experience, as well as solid academic backgrounds, to the classroom. The major intent of the institution is to provide students the best possible opportunities at the national and International platforms. The Institute has quality infrastructure, best-in-class labs meeting industry standards, latest technology driven learning resources and a well-equipped library. The Academy offers a wide variety of courses (10+ Courses) ranging from Diploma to Degree level.
From the very beginning, the Training has been imparted to the students, with the clear vision and insight to help them climb the step of professionalism. The Institute is committed to making skilled professionals with high caliber and enable them to achieve the needed attributes which is fit for the Aviation Industry. The lnstitute is going forward with committed and sincere efforts of a team by providing the most valuable level of Training for more than one decade. One of the distinguishing features of the lnstitute to date is the excellent results and the track record of the placed history / status of the students who have successfully completed the courses. Another noted feature of the lnstitute is the up-to-date Training facilities on the floors of the excellent Training demanded by the Aviation lndustry.



  • To develop students into professional experts with conceptual and managerial decision making skills to manage the aviation industry
  • To be a Centre of Excellence in aviation studies
  • To deliver high quality resources and experiences
  • To prepare students to meet the challenges and needs of global industry
  • To ensure placements globally.
  • To foster intellectual curiosity, promote leadership, encourage social responsibility, support personal growth, and sustain engaged citizenship.


The focus of Dream Sky Aviation Training Academy is on imparting quality aviation training to the younger generations.

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