Aviation and Airline Training academy in Kerala

Are you dreaming of a job in an airport

Are you dreaming of a job in an airport

Are you dreaming of a job in an airport? Best aviation academy in Kerala

When you see an Aeroplane taking off or in the sky what do you think about going somewhere for vacation? How about travelling for business every year worldwide? More than four billion passengers take flight on commercial aircraft. Experts predict there will be more than 8 billion air travellers a year by 2037. A lot of people all working together in a wide variety of different jobs in this field to make this happen


Pilots play the most visible and important jobs. There is a big need for more pilots and air traffic controllers too. They monitor air traffic control towers and also use radar and high tech equipment to direct traffic in the sky. What they do for the aviation industry is to make sure the flying public is safe and responsible for the operations on ground airport operations. Operations duty officers ensure safety and security. They keep the airport running. So the flights can arrive and depart as planned. Operations duty officers are on the front line and get to see everything up close and are especially busy during snowstorms. Even when the weather is good the airfield maintenance crews have a lot of work to do:

  • Clearing the grass
  • changing bulbs on the airfield lighting and
  • Making sure everything is in smooth working order.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned on an airfield that is when the aircraft rescue firefighting crews respond. These crews are just like normal firefighters but with special training for aircraft incidents.


Law enforcement officers and security specialists work with the airport operations and frequently monitor the airport to ensure that everyone stays safe. Look around at any airport and you will see a construction project. Airport project managers, planners and various consulting firms design and manage complex and interesting projects which can last several years and cost more than a billion money. Whether you work right at the airport, in the control tower, or support ongoing projects as a consultant, you are critical to the success of the airport every day. Have you thought about an aviation career? Careers in airlines and airports are fast-paced, well paid and are accessible to everyone. Aviation jobs support over 20 billion job opportunities in India alone. Call Dreamsky Aviation and make your dream fly high.

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