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Know the role of IATA in the travel industry

Know the role of IATA in the travel industry

Who is a baggage handler in the travel industry? It is one of the many important jobs that helps the travel industry continue to move. The travel industry moves 50 million tons of cargo and 3 billion passengers per year. The international air transportation association IATA keeps track of statistics and creates standards and policies for the air transportation industry. These standards and policies have changed the way that the travel industry and agents have operated. This blog will explain how IATA impacts the travel industry.

Since IATA was created in 1945 airlines have been becoming members and there are currently over 270 airlines with an IATA membership. IATA represents leads and serves the air transportation industry. After becoming a member, an airline has:

  • Lobbying power,
  • Communication campaigns
  • Even training through IATA

Because of this large membership, IATA represents the majority of airlines all over the world. When IATA was first founded, its major purpose was to develop standards. When the air travel industry first started to take off in the 1930s there were very few airports but after the creation of many airports, IATA was created to develop standards and policies to help guide the industry during the increase in travel. One notable policy change was three-letter airport codes.

Originally airport codes were only two letters which would eventually lead to multiple airports having the same code. IATA made three-letter airport codes the international standard. IATA is not a regulatory body in regards to passenger incidents instead IATA provides airlines with tools and programs needed to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability. To do this, IATA creates standards that airlines and other travel companies follow these standards are then made into easy-to-find documents. If a traveler needs information on:

  • What type of visas they need ?
  • If they can travel with a particular animal ?
  • What type of travel documents are needed?

IATA has annually updated documents for travel agents and travelers to use.

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